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Ted Talk 187: Taking Control Of Stress Eating: 7 Steps to Break the Cycle of Emotional Eating

If you find yourself reaching for high-calorie foods when feeling down, constantly thinking about food during anxious or sad moments, relying on alcohol as a coping mechanism, celebrating or consoling yourself with excessive meals and drinks, then chances are you're eating due to emotional triggers rather than physical hunger. In today’s Ted Talk episode, Ted will share the seven steps he uses with his clients who struggle with stress eating or emotional eating. Listen now!

Ted Talk 186: How Can I Stop Sabotaging My Fitness Efforts On The Weekend? – Ask Ted

Are you a person who eats right and exercises five days a week, but when the weekend comes around, you kind of fall off track, and you feel like you undo all the progress that you made during the week? In this new Ask Ted episode, will teach you how to stop sabotaging your health and fitness efforts on the weekend, plus five effective strategies to lose weight while enjoying your life! Listen now!

Ted Talk 185: 8 Health Metrics Men Over 40 Can’t Ignore

“You’ve got to know your numbers. Because what gets measured gets managed.” Imagine your health as a business bank account. Every healthy meal you eat, every step you take, and every night of good sleep is a deposit you make. However, chronic stress, lack of exercise, and unhealthy diet - are withdrawals. The ultimate goal? To keep this account thriving - not just surviving. In today’s Ted Talk episode, Ted is going to share a list of the top 8 health metrics men over 40 can't ignore. Listen now!

Ted Talk 184: The Harsh Truth Behind Sustainable Body and Health Transformation

Have you ever found yourself stuck in that frustrating cycle where you start off on a health journey with all the enthusiasm and determination in the world, only to see it slowly unravel as those pesky old habits creep back in? In today’s Ted Talk episode, Ted explores these common struggles and shares powerful insights and practical strategies to break free from the cycle and finally achieve the lasting health transformation you've been longing for. Listen now!
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