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Ted Talk 191: The Ultimate Health Hack: Avoid The #1 Mistake

If you listen to this podcast you must be a person who eats healthy, exercises a lot and has many good habits that should help your body stay in shape and feel great most of the time. But despite all these healthy habits, you don’t feel as good as you should all the time. Sounds familiar? Wondering why is this happening? Find out the answer to these questions from this new Ted Talk episode! Listen now!

Ted Talk 190: Are Calories All That Matter For Weight Loss? – Ask Ted

Are you confused about how to actually lose fat? In today’s Ask Ted episode, Ted is going to answer the question “Are calories all that matter for weight loss?”. He breaks down the complexity of fat loss, emphasizing that calories play a significant role in determining weight, and he reveals some other important factors that also influence the weight loss process. Listen now!

Ted Talk 189: The Resilient Mindset: Strategies for Coping with Stress and Anxiety

Our constant, relentless exposure to the news, social media, and stressful environments, and everything else we’re dealing with in our personal lives has a way of making us feel overwhelmed and helpless. In this new Ted Talk episode, Ted Ryce will reveal why we usually crack under pressure, what we can do to prevent that, and how we can become resilient to cope with all the stress and anxiety in our lives. Listen Now!

Ted Talk 188: The Most Powerful Way To Build Muscle: Progressive Overload

Are you ready to supercharge your muscle-building journey and achieve the body of your dreams? In today’s Ted Talk episode, Ted is going to dive deep into the most powerful technique for building muscle: progressive overload. He breaks down this game-changing principle, guiding you on the path to achieving the best shape of your life. Say goodbye to wasted time and frustration, and say hello to the fastest, most efficient, and safest way to transform your body. Listen now!
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