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Lose Weight By Eating Dessert For Breakfast?

Mmmm…cake. Yes, it’s true. Scientists conducted a study where they gave two different diet programs to a group of 144 obese people. Both diets  were low-carbohydrate […]

Can Cardio Exercise Can Damage Your Heart?

A common myth in fitness is that by doing “cardio” (cardiovascular) exercise is the best way to exercise to improve your heart function and burn fat. […]

Miami Beach Personal Trainer – New Year Resolution for Fitness

First of all…Happy 2012 and Happy Chinese Year of the Dragon!!! So we’re almost an entire month into 2012 and I want to know: How are […]

Miami Beach Personal Trainer – Back Pain From Crunches?

If you currently perform abdominal exercises like crunches to tone your midsection then I’ve got news for you. The new trend in abdominal training is moving […]
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