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Ask Ted 34: How I Turned My Health And Body Around

If you want to know how I got out of shape and got it back, you should listen to this episode. I'll show you how to get in the right mindset to exercise and get healthier.

Ask Ted 33: How To Get In Better Shape

Are you frustrated with busting your butt in the gym hour after hour, month after month, and year after year with little or no results to show for it? In this episode you will learn how to maximize your results from exercise. Listen now.

84: Tony Federico: The Paleo Diet: Eat Like a Modern Caveman

In this episode you will learn: What type of diet works best for people (humans),How to deal with food cravings,Why you should take the paleo 30-day challenge and MUCH more. Listen now.

79: Kamal Patel: Part 2: 11 Nutrition Hacks to Optimize Your Health And Hormones

In this episode you will learn: The difference between free and total testosterone,Healthy eating on a budget,Dietary Supplements: What you need to know and MUCH more. Listen now.