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Ted Talk 210: Stop Giving Up On Yourself And Start Thriving in Your Health and Fitness Journey

Giving up often seems like the easiest way out of tough situations. That’s why many people give up on themselves and their health at some point in their life. But what makes people give up so easily? In this episode, Ted sheds light on why people give up, how to persist through stressful times, and strategies to motivate yourself and stay focused through difficult times. Listen Now!

575: How Your Stress Is Sabotaging Muscle Building And Your Weight Loss Goals (And What To Do About It)

Are you putting in maximum effort at the gym but feeling like you're hitting a wall with your results? In this episode Ted is going to explain a scientific study that sheds light on why this might happen to you. For high-achievers and professionals, this could be the key to unlocking their full potential. Listen now!

572: How to Become Unstoppable in 2024 Series: Part 5: Putting It All Together: Making Your Health & Fitness Journey A Success in 2024

In part 5 of the "How To Become Unstoppable In 2024 Series" Ted will talk about how to turn the strategies shared in the previous episodes into a personalized and actionable health plan. He'll teach you how to structure routines for nutrition and exercise, the main key health metrics you should be monitoring over time to measure progress, and simple and effective strategies for optimizing nutrition and supplements based on your individual needs. Listen now!

571: How to Become Unstoppable In 2024 Series: Part 4: Mastering Your Sleep, Stress & Recovery: The Recovery Blueprint For Optimal Productivity & Performance

In part 4 of the "How To Become Unstoppable In 2024 Series" Ted discusses the critical role of sleep, demonstrating how it influences appetite, hormonal balance, and even the risk of injury. He reveals how to improve your sleep quality with simple steps and the best active recovery methods for high achievers (backed by science), so you can decrease your stress levels and increase your energy and performance at work. Listen now!
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