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From Health Scare to Fit and Strong: How a 51-Year-Old Busy Executive Shed 20lbs and Transformed His Health & Life In Less Than 5 Months

Meet my client David, a 51-year-old executive who turned his life around by breaking free from 20 years of failed diets and time-consuming workouts. Learn how our coaching program helped him overcome a health scare, lose 20 lbs, and become his best version in his 50s, all while juggling a busy travel schedule and social life.

583: Why Do Couples Gain Weight? (And How to Avoid Weight Gain After Marriage

In today's episode, Ted talks about the surprising link between marital satisfaction and weight gain, challenging the common belief that couples who gain weight may have relationship issues. Diving into a groundbreaking study, he reveals how marriage influences body weight, provides tips to avoid post-wedding weight gain, and suggests habits for a healthier partnership. Listen now!

Ted Talk 217: How Stress & Sleep Deprivation Can Sabotage Your Weight Loss Efforts (And What To Do About It)

If you have been consistent with your workout routine and nutrition choices but still can't lose those extra pounds or perform better at work, it's time to check your stress levels and sleep quality. In this episode, Ted reveals how stress and sleep deprivation can get in the way and sabotage your success. Plus, powerful tips on handling stress and improving your sleep that you can apply today. Listen Now!

582: Heart Health Made Simple: How to Reduce Cardiovascular Disease Risk, Boost Longevity, and Optimize Performance, with Gil Carvalho, MD PhD

Worried about your heart health? Join Ted in an enlightening interview with Dr. Gil Carvalho, discussing science-based insights on cardiovascular health. Discover the role of vitamin K2, effective exercise for artery health, prevention strategies, risk assessment methods, supplement efficacy, and evidence-based approaches. Tune in to safeguard your heart!
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