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Ted Talk 216: Understanding VO2 Max and the Altitude Challenge, The Relationship Between Heart Rate and VO2 Max, and What Is the Best VO2 Max Protocol – Ask Ted

In this episode, Ted is diving into VO2 max and the secrets of longevity. He reveals the most important type of training for increasing VO2 max, explains how to calculate 90% of your heart rate max and discusses the potential benefits of altitude training and hypoxia machines. Listen now!

581: 7 Things That I Learned About Health at 46 That I Wish I Knew at 36

In this episode, Ted shares seven things he has learned about health at 46 that he wishes he knew at 36. He reveals the truth about a real poison that can have negative effects on the brain and sleep quality, shares tips on how to manage stress, talks about the most important type of exercise for longevity and more. Listen now!

Ted Talk 214: Why Are Bad Habits So Hard to Break? (And What to do About it)

In this Ted Talk episode, Ted explains the link between stress and unhealthy habits, how habits are formed, and proven strategies to break bad habits for good. Tune in to learn how to eliminate those bad habits—whatever they may be—and interrupt the cycle. Listen now!

577: Can Visceral Fat Affect Your Joint Pain? (And What To Do About It)

In today’s episode Ted is going to tackle a topic that's crucial for our understanding of pain management and overall health: the link between visceral fat and joint pain. He will also share evidence-backed strategies to address visceral fat, lifestyle changes that can positively influence joint health, and much more. Listen now!
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