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Ted Talk 208: Do You Really Need To Do Cardio To Lose Weight?

So, what's the best workout for fat loss? You might think it's cardio — heart-pumping, sweat-inducing cardio like running, cycling, or swimming. In this Real Talk Friday episode, Ted reveals the best exercise to burn fat fast and the best guidelines for cardio. Plus, how to exercise for overall health and keep your brain sharp. Listen Now!

Unstoppable After 40 Coaching Program: Most Frequent Asked Questions

A lot of people have been asking about our Unstoppable After 40 Coaching Program. They don't know if it's the right fit for them, they're interested, but they want to know more information. So, Ted decided to create a Frequent Asked Questions episode for you guys, an episode where he going to answer to the top 7 questions people have been asking us about the program. Listen now!

Success Story: 49-Year-Old High Performer, Scott Shed 35lbs In Just 4 Months, Overcame Burnout, And Reclaimed His Health

Meet Scott, a 49 y/o high performer who was training daily but sabotaging his fat loss over the weekends. After having a heart attack at age 46 and not being able to get sustainable results on his own, he decided to finally get serious about his health and joined our program. In 4 months, Scott shed 35lbs, stopped “eating and drinking his emotions”, went from burnout to waking up energized and improved his overall health. Now, on the cusp of 50, Scott is more than just 'fit'; he's unstoppable! Listen now!

Ted Talk 205: Zone 2 Cardio For Fat Loss: Beneficial Strategy Or Bad Idea?

If you've ever tried to shed some extra weight and get fit, you've probably wondered about the role of cardio in your plan. In today's episode, Ted is going to take a deep dive into this topic. He'll share some science, throw in his own experiences, share a couple of client case studies, and will reveal some surprising insights that might go against what you've heard before. Listen now!
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