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Eggs – To Eat Or Not To Eat

  By: Miami Beach Personal Trainer Ted Ryce In the media, we hear conflicting messages about whether we should be eating eggs or not. “Eat eggs […]

Juicing: Is It Really That Healthy?

By: Miami Beach Personal Trainer Ted Ryce “I watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and now I’m juicing all my veges and fruits!” ~Nutrition Fad Follower […]

Does Intermittent Fasting (IF) Work?

Fasting is simply going without eating food. In the caveman days, people fasted because there wasn’t enough food. In modern times, people fast as a religious […]

Miami Beach Personal Trainer Explains The Importance of Magnesium

Would you like to sleep better, increase your resistance to stress, improve your hormonal levels and manage your blood pressure without drugs? Magnesium supplementation may be […]
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