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Ted Talk 198: What Your Doctor Is Not Telling You About Your Health

In today's Ted Talk episode, Ted will reveal what your doctor might not be telling you about your health. He will talk about the importance of taking control of your health, understanding your body, and not settling for a vague diagnosis. Ted shares personal experiences and insights gained from his 24 years in the health industry. You will find out why it's crucial to dig deeper into your health when you don't feel your best, and why relying solely on your doctor's assessment might not be enough. Listen now!

560: Mastering The Science Of Fat Loss: Strategies For Long-Term Success with Bill Campbell, PhD

In today’s episode, Ted interviews Bill Campbell, a researcher in the realm of performance and physique enhancement, who is passionate about helping individuals enjoy their fitness lifestyles with confidence. Bill will share his extensive expertise in exercise science and fat loss research. He delves into the biggest misconceptions about fat loss, the downsides of extreme diets, and the importance of resistance training and dietary protein intake in successful weight loss. Listen now!

Ted Talk 197: Help! I’m Trapped by Limiting Beliefs! How Can I Break Free?

The way we see the world is determined by how we perceive what happens around us. Our own beliefs will always influence our reality. In this episode, Ted Ryce explains how our limiting beliefs hold us back and reveals how we can spot our self-limiting beliefs with some practical strategies that will help us overcome them. Listen now!

559: The Power of Isometric Training: Your Secret Weapon For A Pain-Free, Long And Healthy Life with Brad Thorpe

Are you ready to supercharge your journey towards a longer, healthier life? Join Ted as he talks to isometrics expert, Brad Thorpe, who shares groundbreaking research that highlights isometric exercises as the best choice for lowering blood pressure and more. Explore isometrics, their history, benefits for weight loss and mental well-being, and how this safe and effective method can transform your fitness and health. Listen now!
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