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577: Can Visceral Fat Affect Your Joint Pain? (And What To Do About It)

In today’s episode Ted is going to tackle a topic that's crucial for our understanding of pain management and overall health: the link between visceral fat and joint pain. He will also share evidence-backed strategies to address visceral fat, lifestyle changes that can positively influence joint health, and much more. Listen now!

Ted Talk 211: Building Resilience: How To Navigate Challenges When You Don’t Get The Support You Need

Do you feel you're fighting your battles alone? Do you lack support from your loved ones? Many people feel unsupported but that doesn't mean they must be in it all alone. In this episode, Ted shares his personal experience of feeling unsupported by his loved ones, ways to keep negative feelings away, and how to find reliable people to stand by you. Listen Now!

576: The Busy Executive’s Guide to Longevity: Making Time for Health in a Hectic Schedule with John Berardi, PhD

In today’s episode Ted interviews Dr. John Berardi, co-founder of Precision Nutrition and founder of Change Maker Academy. They delve into his Net Health project, integrating AI for personalized health insights. John emphasizes understanding motivations in health journeys, incorporating longevity practices, and gaining free mentorship across fields for personal and professional evolution. Listen now!

Ted Talk 210: Stop Giving Up On Yourself And Start Thriving in Your Health and Fitness Journey

Giving up often seems like the easiest way out of tough situations. That’s why many people give up on themselves and their health at some point in their life. But what makes people give up so easily? In this episode, Ted sheds light on why people give up, how to persist through stressful times, and strategies to motivate yourself and stay focused through difficult times. Listen Now!
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