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18: Tripp Lanier: Part 2: How to Become a New Man

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16: Kelly Marceau: Part 2: What Sexy-Counscioulsly Awake Women Want Sexually for Men

15: Kelly Marceau: Part 1: What Sexy-Counscioulsly Awake Women Want Sexually for Men

14: Kimanzi Constable: How to Lose Weight and Change Your Life

In this episode, you will learn: • How to live your dream life • Why it's not diet and exercise - it's a lifestyle • Why your mindset is key to success - from getting in shape to building the life you want • Why taking it one day at a time is the best approach to getting in shape • Why we all have "failures" and what to do about it • How he incorporates strength training, Tae Kwon Do and aerobic exercise to get results • How he got great results with portion control and basic nutrition principles • Why getting in shape was part of a bigger picture that made him more successful in general
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