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374: How to Stop Sabotaging Yourself and Your Health & Fitness Goals with Ted Ryce

How many times have you attempted to lose weight, followed a sensible plan and had some success, only to find that within a short period the weight loss halts or those lost pounds start creeping back up? In this episode, I'll reveal a surprising source of self-sabotage that might be holding you back. Listen now!

373: The Legendary Life Podcast Mission: Lose Fat, Get Healthy & Live An Extraordinary Life with Ted Ryce

In this episode, Ted explains what is the mission of the Legendary Life podcast and why you should listen to the podcast if you want to lose fat, upgrade your health and live an extraordinary life. Plus, he answers a listener's email. Listen Now!

372: Inflammation 101: The Invisible Health Condition Behind Everything From Heart Disease To Erectile Dysfunction

Inflammation is the latest health buzzword that everyone is talking about, and it’s being investigated for its role in a range of age-related conditions, such as Alzheimer’s, heart disease and even erectile dysfunction. So, what can we do to limit it and make sure we prevent disease and age well? Listen to this episode to learn what you need to know.

SUPPLEMENT GUIDE SERIES || The Ultimate Supplement Guide For Sleep

Getting a good amount of sleep is incredibly important for your health. You will NEVER look, feel, or perform your best unless you get the proper quantity or quality of sleep. And the harder you push yourself, the more sleep you’ll need to avoid overtraining or burnout. In this episode, leading fitness trainer and health coach Ted explains why you should not trust the supplement industry, the 8 sleep supplements that actually work and the 3 that are a complete waste of your money. Listen Now!
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