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Ted Talk 159: 5 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make with Fat Loss (and how to fix them!)

Many high performers and successful entrepreneurs are trapped in a loop of losing and regaining 20lbs every year. Sounds familiar? In today's Ted Talk episode, Ted reveals the most common mistakes every high performer makes with fat loss and how to avoid them. Listen now!

Success Story: After Following All Restrictive Diets Out There and Gaining Back Every Pound She Lost, Lisa Finally Found the Secret to Sustainable Body Transformation

The diet culture out there is about rapid fat loss only, about cheating the system so you can eat as much as you can, not about learning to make healthy choices. That is why every lost pound comes back. In today's episode, we chat with Lisa, a 44 years old senior-level executive and single mother of four children who tried almost every fat loss fad, joined my group coaching program, and lost over 20 pounds. Most importantly, she doubled her confidence, regained joy, and fixed her relationship with food. Listen now!

Ted Talk 158: “I Hurt Myself Working Out. What Should I Do?” – Ask Ted

We've all heard the saying "no pain, no gain," but how much truth is there? It depends. Do you feel a sharp, stabbing, or constant pain while doing a set? Should you keep going and push through, or should you stop immediately? In today's Ask Ted episode, Ted reveals the workout pains you shouldn't ignore and how to recover quickly. Listen now!

526: Muscle After 40: 7 Mistakes That Are Stopping You from Building Muscle in Your 40s with Ted Ryce

Getting in shape and building a lean muscular body after 40 is different. You'll lose muscle mass as you get older, and recovery can also be different than in your 20s. In this episode, Ted reveals the 7 mistakes you must avoid if you are over 40 and want to build muscle sustainably, effectively, and pain-free. Tune in to learn how to build your best body ever in your 40s, 50s, and beyond.
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