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Ted Talk 194: How Can I Build Muscle After 50? – Ask Ted

Here’s what we want men over fifty to know: A lot of fitness plans out there can put your body at risk. Instead of getting results, you get exhausted. In this Ask Ted episode, Ted reveals muscle-building techniques you need for your age without risking injury. Listen to this episode to learn how to build your best body ever in your 50s and beyond.

557: Metabolism Unveiled: Debunking Myths And Revealing Evidence-Based Strategies For Sustainable Weight Loss with Eric Trexler

Feeling frustrated by the never-ending struggle to shed those extra pounds? Bombarded with claims of a "slow metabolism"? It's time to break through the noise and uncover the truth. Today, Ted sits down with Dr. Eric Trexler, a true fitness expert with years of experience to unravel the misconceptions surrounding metabolism and its effects on weight loss. Get ready for a dose of evidence-based insights and practical strategies to transform your fitness journey. Listen now!

Ted Talk 193: Journey Within: Seeking Clarity Through Ayahuasca At Rythmia

Ever thought you're doing everything right to stay healthy, but something's not clicking? Feel like something is holding you back? In today’s episode, Ted is going to talk about the hidden barriers that keep high achievers like you from reaching that next level of fulfillment. He will share his own personal journey of feeling stuck despite doing all the right things and how he's taking bold steps to break free from this cycle. Listen now!

556: Buy Back Your Time Blueprint: Work Less, Achieve More, And Become The Best Version Of Yourself with Dan Martell

Ever wished for a life where you call the shots, focusing only on what you love? Success isn't just about working harder; it's about smart systems and a mindset shift that lets you do meaningful work while having time to spare. In today’s episode Ted talks to Dan Martel, an award-winning entrepreneur and the author of the book "Buy Back Your Time: Get Unstuck, Reclaim Your Freedom, and Build Your Empire" who will reveal his secrets on how you can succeed in business while enjoying more freedom than you ever imagined. Listen now!
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