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Ask Ted: How can I get stronger and build more muscle

In this episode I answered the question from the listener Steve: How can I get stronger and build more muscle?

8: Mike Mahler Part 2: Man Up: Optimize Your Hormones to feel younger, energetic and ignite your sex life

7: Mike Mahler Part 1: Man Up: Balance Your Hormone Levels for Sex, Health and Confidence

• How to Delay Gratification and Get What You Truly Want Out of Life • Hormone Optimization: Key to male vitality • Men and Estrogen : Everything you need to know • What’s really killing your sex drive? • How to boost hormones naturally • 3 reasons why most diets fail

4: Steven Kotler: Part 2: How to be Superman in your own life

In this episode, you will learn: • What exactly is flow? • Why most people only spend 5% of their life in “flow”How flow changes our perception of time. • What’s the “flow cycle” is and why it’s important • How flow saved a base jumper from falling to his death. • How you can “trigger” flow right now in your life • Why taking risks is key to performing your bestHow you can “hack your flow” and become the best man you can be. • The dark side of the “flow” state • The Rise of Superman • The Flow Genome Project
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