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Unstoppable After 40: Is Ozempic, Wegovy, And Mounjaro The Cure For Weight Loss, How To Stop Hitting The Pause-button On Your Fitness, And No More ‘I’ll Start Tomorrow’

If you’re a high achiever ready to kickstart your fitness journey ahead of the New Year… If you seek more than just weight loss – including […]

Ted Talk 207: The Power Of Gratitude: The Secret Key To Personal Growth And Resilience

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Let’s take a break and reflect on gratitude. In our busy lives, it's easy to overlook its power. Gratitude isn't just a quick thank-you—it's a whole mindset that changes how we see things. In today’s special episode, Ted delves into the profound impact of gratitude, sharing personal insights and experiences that have shaped his journey. Listen now!

Unstoppable After 40: The No. 1 Exercise Ritual For A ‘Longer Life’, The Health Metric That You Can’t Ignore If You’re Over 40, And A Simple Nutrition Hack For Holiday Survival

Today’s issue is brought to you by Legendary Life Coaching. We help busy executives, entrepreneurs, and other high-performers burn fat and feel younger while growing their […]

566: The One Weird Trick To Immediately Improve Your Life (That You Can Do Today) with Ted Ryce

Do you want to level up your life and improve your health but you feel like you haven't been giving it the attention it deserves? It seems other priorities, perhaps even those of others, have been taking the lead over taking care of yourself. If the answer is yes, this new episode will help you take that action that you know you need to take. Ted is going to reveal the one weird trick to immediately improve your life (that you can start doing today). Listen now!
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