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Fitness & Nutrition Made Simple For Busy People

DOWNLOAD MY FREE HEALTHY GUIDE + REGISTER NOW The Fitness & Nutrition Made Simple For Busy People Will END Your Exercise and Nutrition Struggles And TRANSFORM You To Become A person who looks and feels good all the time, less stressed and get more things done every day.

123: Adam Gazzaley: Biohacking Your Brain For Health, Focus and Productivity

In this episode, you will learn: Can video games really improve your cognitive skills? / Why the modern world is bad for your brain / How sleep can hack your creativity and MUCH more.

Ask Ted 67: Why it’s Okay to Suck When You First Start Something (and How to Handle Criticism)

Watch this episode and learn why it's ok to suck at something and what you can do to improve your skills and handle criticism.

Ask Ted 66: 2 Ways To Raise Your Social Status

Watch this episode and find out how to increase your social status and also boost your confidence.
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