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Ask Ted 4: Build Your Alpha Male Personality

14: Kimanzi Constable: How to Lose Weight and Change Your Life

In this episode, you will learn: • How to live your dream life • Why it's not diet and exercise - it's a lifestyle • Why your mindset is key to success - from getting in shape to building the life you want • Why taking it one day at a time is the best approach to getting in shape • Why we all have "failures" and what to do about it • How he incorporates strength training, Tae Kwon Do and aerobic exercise to get results • How he got great results with portion control and basic nutrition principles • Why getting in shape was part of a bigger picture that made him more successful in general

Ask Ted 3: 15 Ways to Improve Your Nutrition, Workouts and Sleep

Shooting in Santa Barbara: In support of those affected by this tragedy

As someone who's personally lost a family member to an act of violence, I have strong feelings about what happened and the reasons Elliot used to justify his actions. Elliot was influenced by the Men's Rights Movement and called himself an "alpha male." Check out this video and see my message.
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