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5 Habits of Highly Successful Fat Loss Diets

With names like “Low Carb” “Paleo” “South Beach” “Ketogenic” “Gluten Free” “Low Fat” “Pritikin” “Atkins” it’s no surprise that most people are completely confused about what […]

How To Be an Action Hero In Your Own Life – Part 1

Action movies are one of my favorite film genres. Not only do you get to see some pretty cool action scenes but you can learn a […]

Two Supplements That You Should Be Taking

By: Miami Beach Personal Trainer Ted Ryce There are literally thousands of supplements on the market. In fact, when I did a search on for […]

The Iron: A Story by Henry Rollins

I wanted to take a break from the usual stuff I talk about to share this story with you. It was written by musician Henry Rollins. […]
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