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66: Andy Blaschik: Part 1: Self-Defense For Men: Build Your Confidence And Increase Your Self Protection

In this episode you'll learn: Why every man should learn how to shoot a gun,How to defend yourself,How firearms training can build your confidence and MUCH more. Listen now

Ask Ted 22: How To Build Muscle: 3 Powerful Workouts For Men

65: What No One Tells You About Looking After Yourself

Ask Ted 21: How To Eat To Build Muscle

"I would like to hear you talk more about what to eat while building a good body when working out. My genetics are against me when trying to put on weight, besides enough fat on the stomach to hide the suposed abs haha. All diets are to loose fat, I need to gain more mass and lose that gut. It seems like a moment trouble. How do you do?" --J.H.
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