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Ask Ted 10: Bonus Episode

In this BONUS episode, you will learn:3 More Rules Alpha Man Use to Keep Going. Listen now.

Ask Ted 10: Overcoming Depression Like an Alpha Man

In this episode, you will learn: 5 Rules Alpha Man Use to Keep Going . Listen now.

36: Vic Magary: Part 1: 9 The Right Way to Burn Fat with Nutrition and Exercise

In this episode, you will learn: • The #1 secret for fat loss results. • What is the best for fat loss workout? • The 3 pillars of fat loss. • How to build good habits and make them stick. • Paleo Diet: Does it actually work? • The benefits of rest and recover after exercise. • The difference between warriors and soldiers

33: Justin Jensen: Part 2: How to Read Body Language to Succeed in Work, Love and Life

In this episode, you'll learn: • How to read body language to succeed in any area of your life • How to be a magnetic person • How body language can help you hide the insecurity signs in a date • How to make someone feel comfortable with you through body language • The Top 5 Rules for Body Language • Body Language: Do and Dont's
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