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Abdominal Exercises – Get a Flat Stomach with the Plank Exercise

Have you been performing hundreds of crunches and leg lift variations to flatten your abs but you still don’t see results? Does your low back have […]

Are You Overloading Your Exercise Program?

Your body wants to spend the least amount of energy to do any task and will adapt to whatever exercise program you do. Once your body […]

3 Common Mistakes People Make With Rotator Cuff Exercise

I love to see people doing external rotations for their rotator cuff in the gym. It shows that they’ve done their homework or have had good […]

Rotator Cuff Injuries – Prevent Them With Exercises Based on the Latest Research

I first heard of the rotator cuff 12 years ago when I had a bad shoulder injury. If I had known about this information before I […]
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