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Miami Beach Personal Trainer Explains The Importance of Magnesium

Would you like to sleep better, increase your resistance to stress, improve your hormonal levels and manage your blood pressure without drugs? Magnesium supplementation may be […]

Miami Beach Personal Trainer Shows You How To Lose Weight Now Part 2

Second Tip: EXERCISE PROPERLY FOR YOUR GOALS I travel a lot to different gyms and I’m constantly talking to people about their workouts. Far too often, […]

Miami Beach Personal Trainer – What You Don’t Know About Personal Trainer Certifications May Hurt You

“(Certified personal trainer) it’s buzz word, that’s a trick word and it doesn’t mean a thing. It really doesn’t. ” – Marc Rabinoff Fitness Instructor and […]

Training Journal 9/20/12

Had a great 45 minute workout today. Alactic Explosive Repeat Intervals with some abdominal work in between. Warm up then… 1.Battle Ropes – 10 rounds of […]
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